Your Roadmap in the Digital Marketing World

Helping businesses grow and learn regularly are the main approaches of the WoodLand47 team. Our employees see your business case as a personal challenge and an opportunity to improve. All this makes it much easier to increase the effectiveness of your marketing activities.


Market Analysis

Our marketing team works hard on analysing your main competitors to make your business grow and become stronger.


Opportunity Scan

Once the market analysis process is completed our staff will search for opportunities that are in reach.


Action Plan

With all the information in place we can make a plan of promotion and introduce it to you.

What Does The Marketing Department Do?

Our marketing department performs all the necessary tasks for you to create and implement a marketing strategy on a daily outsourced basis which include: digital marketing, SWOT analysis, SMM, PR, Design, SEO and many other aspects of online marketing.


Search For Optimization Wherever Is Possible

  • Basically we'll teach you step by step what you need to do
  • In order to develop your company and reach new heights
  • Everyone will be pleased from stakeholders to employees

Contact Information

  • Don't hesitate to send us a message
  • Address: 1, Wrexham Road, Basildon, Essex, SS15 6PX, UNITED KINGDOM